What is still needed to help build the new playground?

  • Monetary donations
    • For resources and supplies
  • Food donations
    • To feed our army of volunteers during the build
  • Building supply donations
  • Over 200 volunteers
    • Skilled and unskilled
  • Purchase of elements
    • Any business or individual is welcome to do so
    • Elements wil be memorialized with donor’s name
    • Examples of elements available are:
      • The Castle
      • Wavy Monkey Bars
      • Sound Wall
      • and more!
  • Purchase of pickets
    • Pickets are what will be used for playground fencing
    • $35.00 per picket
    • or $25.00 each for four or more pickets
  • Supplies Needed

How will the new playground be different?

  • It will:
    • Be built from recycled plastic and composite lumber
    • Have a longer lifespan
    • Be “all inclusive” so children of all abilities can play together
    • Provide better sight lines for supervision
    • Have elements that carry themes of arts, science, and history

What was wrong with the old playground?

  • It was:
    • No longer sufficiently large enough to handle its demand
    • Treated with a chemical no longer allowed to be used on playgrounds
    • Difficult finding replacement components
    • Difficult for adults to supervise due to obstructed lines of supervision
    • Not fully handicap friendly