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This site is intended as a central source of information for the Community Playground at Resica Regeneration Project. The Community Playground is adjacent to the Resica Park and is located behind Resica Elementary School off of Route 402 in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Presently the site, which serves the children of Middle Smithfield Township and neighboring communities, no longer has a playground. The old playground, also built by volunteer effort in 1996, no longer stands. The old playground was no longer sufficiently large enough to handle its demand, the lumber was treated with a chemical no longer allowed to be used on playgrounds, finding replacement components became more and more difficult, it was not fully handicap accessible, and it did not have clear and open lines of sight for supervision. The new playground will address each of these issues. Additionally, the new playground is anticipated to have a lifespan of approximately fifty years and will be made from a combination of recycled plastic and lumber.

In order see this project come to life, a great deal of help is still needed!

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